'Pretty Good Chance' Charlotte Sees Snow Thursday

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The Charlotte area could see a short blast of winter weather Thursday into Friday with the possibility of snow showers, Chief Meteorologist Brad Panovich said Tuesday. 

"I would say our chances of seeing snow are pretty good," Panovich said during a weather update.

If you're looking for accumulations, you might need to head east or into the mountains, however. Panovich expects less than a half-inch in most areas around Charlotte as the storm will start as rain before switching to snow Thursday night. Areas of of Rockingham and toward the coast could see heavier accumulation based on the precipitation rate and cold air. 

"As we go toward Thursday night, there's going to be a rain-snow line somewhere around Charlotte, there always is," Panovich said. "My biggest question mark isn't the moisture, there will be plenty. It's the position of the cold air. The fact that it's coming in so quickly is always a red flag but there should be enough that at some point it changes to snow."

Overall, Panovich says this is a low impact event for Charlotte and the probabilities of seeing significant snowfall are "pretty low." It's mostly going to be social media talk more than any real impacts. For that reason, Brad's snow meter is still at a 2 on a scale to 10. 

Visit WCNC for more details.

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