11 US Cruise Ship Passengers Test Positive For Coronavirus

OMAHA, Neb. — Cruise ship passengers, who are finally back in the United States after being quarantined in Japan, have tested positive for the coronavirus on Thursday.

Nebraska Medicine released a statement claiming 11 of 13 individuals tested positive for the new virus. The other two tested negative.

Ten people are currently in the National Quarantine Unit, while three are in the Nebraska Biocontainment Unit. The University of Nebraska Medical Center said the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had verified test results completed Monday.

Officials said the individuals aren't showing the disease, however, several others are showing minor symptoms.

Hundreds of passengers left the Diamond Princess cruise ship on Feb. 18 after their two-week quarantine ended.

With more than 540 cases of COVID-19, the ship has more infections than anywhere outside China. Experts still aren't sure how the quarantine failed.

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