Prisoner Escapes By Shaving Head, Posing As Inmate Set To Be Freed

Kaleb Wiewandt

Kaleb Wiewandt

An inmate managed to walk out of a jail in Ogden, Utah, by posing as another prisoner who was scheduled to be released. Authorities said that Kaleb Wiewandt, who was serving time after being convicted of mail fraud, shaved his head and pretended to be Matthew Belnap.

Belnap, who pleaded no contest to charges of retail theft, had been at the prison for over 70 days, and reportedly helped Wiewandt escape. On Monday (February 24), Belnap shaved Wiewandt's head and gave him his identification card. Belnap also made sure that Wiewandt memorized his birthday and Social Security number so he could recite it to the guards on his way out.

"Jail surveillance captured the moment when inmate Belnap was called over the speaker system to get his property together. Belnap laid in his bunk and did not attempt to gather items, nor did he attempt to speak with anyone. Inmate Wiewandt is shown gathering up his belongings and immediately exiting the housing pod," a police affidavit states.

Officials did not realize their mistake until two hours later, when Belnap complained that he had not been released. They quickly realized they were duped by both men and charged Belnap with obstruction of justice.

Authorities were unable to locate Wiewandt, and believe he may be heading to Orange County in Southern California.

Photo: Weber County Sheriff's Office

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