Jungle Cruise Ride In Disney World Sinks With Guests On Board

Disney Parks Christmas TV Special Pre-Taping

Disney Parks Christmas TV Special Pre-Taping

The Jungle Cruise attraction in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom park promises adventure. Guests may have gotten a little more adventure than they bargained for on Thursday (February 27) when one of the ride’s boat began sinking.

Park-goers captured the incident with a series of photos and videos shared on social media. The photos show guests clinging to the side of the boat to avoid getting wet, as well as others standing in ankle deep water inside the sinking boat.

A spokesperson for Disney World confirmed the park immediately called the local Reedy Creek Fire Department for assistance when the ride vehicle started taking on water. "A boat took on some water. Everyone got out of the boat safely," the Disney spokesperson confirmed in a statement about the incident.The spokesperson also confirmed they would be working with guests individually to ensure they are still able to enjoy their day in the parks.

Jungle Cruise was shut down temporarily while Disney helped the stranded guests. The ride has since reopened.

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