Skai Jackson Files Restraining Order Against Bhad Bhabie After Death Threat

Skai Jackson is taking legal against Bhad Bhabie.

According to TMZ, the 17-year-old Disney star filed a restraining order against the 16-year-old rapper in Los Angeles on Thursday (February 27) after Bhabie's public death threat.

As fans know, on Monday (February 24), Bhabie called out Skai on social media, accusing her of "moving sneaky," being "obsessed" with her by talking to guys she's been spotted with, and even using a fake Instagram account to talk about her behind her back.

At one point during her Instagram tirade, she even threatened to kill Skai, saying, "I'm finna go to jail behind a Disney thot... B*tch, what are you even doing in these men's DMs? ... Like you just trying to get me mad at this point. I see what you're doing, and it's going to get you killed. Like, that's the thing: I'm gonna f**kin' kill you. Don't post your location...because I'm coming."

While Bhabie continued to post about Skai on social media, sharing a number of Instagram stories targeted at the Jessie actress, Skai remained unbothered only appearing to indirectly reference it on Twitter. "Book doing pretty well✔️ Finalizing makeup deal✔️ Shopping treatment to major studios & producers✔️ Working on speech for Ted Talk✔️ Going over scripts✔️ Recording Netflix animated series✔️ Vlogging for my YouTube channel✔️ Hosting 18,000 youth for We Day✔️ No time 4 negatives!🚫," she wrote on Tuesday (February 25).

It's unclear if a judge has approved Skai's restraining order, TMZ reports.

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