CLT Rapper DaBaby Apologizes For Allegedly Hitting Woman After Florida Show

TAMPA, Fla. — Charlotte rapper DaBaby is apologizing after accusations that he slapped a woman in the face after a concert in Tampa, Florida. TMZ originally published video of the incident. DaBaby, whose real name is Jonathan Kirk, posted a series of videos on his Instagram story in response.

Kirk said he reacted the way he did because a phone's flashlight was right in his face. He said he didn't know the person he hit was a woman.

"I do sincerely apologize, you know, I do," Kirk said. "I'm very sorry that there was a female on the other end of that flashlight of that phone. But you know, keep in mind I couldn't see you because you've got the flash that close to me which is ok it's no problem."

He acknowledged that other people had flashlights out too, though he said they weren't as close.

"That's ok, that's what I signed up for," Kirk said.

In the video, Kirk suggested that fans interested in taking pictures of videos of him zoom in instead of putting phones closer to him. He said he asks his security to treat his fans with respect, and he wishes they would do the same.

Kirk called for fans and performers alike to treat one another with respect.

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