Coronavirus Updates in the Carolinas Tuesday, March 17

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The White House urged people to practice even stricter social distancing Monday, telling Americans to limit their gatherings to fewer than 10 people to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, or novel coronavirus. 

The message was delivered as the number of cases continues to rise in the Carolinas. There are now 40 confirmed cases in North Carolina,including seven in Mecklenburg County. There are also 33 confirmed cases in South Carolina at this time. 

At WCNC Charlotte, we are focusing our coverage of COVID-19 coronavirus on facts, not fears. We aim to give our viewers the information they need from viewers to best protect themselves during the pandemic.

Key Facts:

  • President Trump says avoid groups of 10+
  • Cases in North Carolina: 40
  • Cases in South Carolina: 33
  • Deaths in the Carolinas:1

Mecklenburg County Health Director Gibbie Harris said the county is tightening up its guidelines for mass gatherings, recommending no more than 50 people. State health leaders also said they want people to limit mass gatherings. 

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