A Breakdown of the COVID-19 Cases in Mecklenburg County

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — As of Monday afternoon, Mecklenburg County Public Health reported 97 positive cases of novel coronavirus in the county. 

Health officials have released data regarding the local cases including ages and zip codes most impacted by COVID-19. 

Officials said the data is fluid and changes as the situation evolves.

The following are highlights of the data from the 80 positive COVID-19 cases reported in Mecklenburg County:

  • About half of reported cases were adults ages 20 to 39; one case was a youth under 19.
  • The sex and racial/ethnic composition of reported cases were similar to the county demographics.
  • Reported cases live throughout the county, with at least one case in nearly every zip code.

"I want to continue to encourage our community to follow the Public Health Orders that have been issued to help stop the spread of this disease in our community," said Gibbie Harris, Mecklenburg County Public Health Director. "As the situation evolves, we will continue to provide more data and make decisions to protect the health of our residents."

Visit WCNC or the Mecklenburg County Health Department for more details.

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