Teachers Greet Students With Parade During Coronavirus Closure

LITTLE ELM, Texas — Schools are closed and routines are upended, but students in Little Elm, Texas got a glimpse of normalcy during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Teachers from Robertson Elementary school, part of the Frisco Independent School District north of Dallas, Texas, paraded through area neighborhoods in their cars. 

As they drove, students waited on their front lawns for a glimpse of a familiar face. The teachers waved, beeped their car horns, and greeted the children and families from a safe distance. 

Mom Heather Kestila posted a video on Facebook of the car parade and her son waving. 

"I miss you!" one of the teachers shouts from the car. 

Teachers at Robertson Elementary and other schools across the nation have had to get creative to find ways to connect with their students during extended school closures. 

Visit WCNC for more details.

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