Publix Will Install Plexiglass to Protect Cashiers From COVID-19

LAKELAND, Fla. — To help protect employees, Publix has announced plans to install plexiglass partitions to protect its cashiers. 

The Lakeland-based grocery chain, which operates 1,200 locations, says the partitions will be seen at all registers within the next two weeks. A spokesperson said installations would begin this weekend.

"I can confirm that we will be installing plexiglass companywide at our registers, customer service desks and pharmacies," Publix spokeswoman Mario Brous said. "Installations will begin this weekend, and we expect to conclude within the next two weeks."

While Publix will install the barriers, other grocery chains have taken steps to protect their workforces. For instance, Kroger is allowing workers to wear gloves and masks. It, too, will install partitions at many cash registers.

At this point, Publix cashiers will not wear masks or gloves.

Visit WCNC for more details.

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