US Leads World in Confirmed Cases

WASHINGTON —Key updates:

  • The United States now leads the world in the number of confirmed coronavirus cases.
  • President Donald Trump said he will visit Norfolk, Virginia, on Saturday to see off the USNS Comfort, the 1,000-bed hospital ship heading to New York.
  • Trump says that federal officials are developing guidelines to rate counties by risk of virus spread.
  • The House will vote Friday on the $2.2 trillion coronavirus economic relief bill. 
  • The Senate unanimously passed the largest relief bill in U.S. history late Wednesday night. It includes sending checks of $1,200 to most Americans, as well as expanding unemployment benefits.
  • The U.S. death toll from coronavirus passed 1,000 Wednesday night, according to Johns Hopkins University. Approximately 25% of those are in New York City.
  • A U.S. Navy aircraft carrier is being diverted to Guam so that all 5,000 aboard can be tested for coronavirus.
  • Nearly 3.3 million Americans applied for unemployment benefits last week — almost five times the previous record set in the 1980s.
  • G20 leaders held a virtual summit Thursday in an effort to coordinate a response to the pandemic.

Johns Hopkins: US positive COVID-19 cases surpass China, Italy

The United States now leads the world in the number of confirmed coronavirus cases.

According to a running count by Johns Hopkins University, the number of people infected in the U.S. topped 82,000 on Thursday. That's just ahead of the 81,000 cases in China and 80,000 in Italy.

Italy has the most confirmed deaths of any country with more than 8,000. More than 1,000 people have died in the U.S.

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