Chrissy Teigen Shares Her Secret To Cooking A Flawless Thanksgiving Dinner

Photo: Getty Images

Chrissy Teigen tried something different for her Thanksgiving dinner this year, and the model shared that her new trick managed to make this year's meal more even more enjoyable than past years. Her secret? She opted not to drink any tequila. The model took to Instagram to share how this year's meal went, posting photos from her family's festivities.

"The first time I have ever been able to enjoy everyone enjoying dinner," Teigen wrote. "I used to start my thanksgiving prep with a shot of cafe patron (COFFEE TEQUILA) and I'd pretty much take another every couple of hours. I didn't even make any crucial recipe errors this year!"

Teigen's husband, John Legend, commented on the post that "This meal was flawless," agreeing with Teigen's sentiments in the post. The model shared earlier this year that she's been sober, and she's been vocal about how good she feels after not drinking for the past several months. Last year, she and Legend revealed that while they were famous for having a slew of slides during their Thanksgiving meals, they were instead opting to stick more toward the basics so that they wouldn't have quite so many uneaten leftovers.

This year also saw Teigen, Legend, and the rest of their family dressing up as the Addams Family for Halloween. The entire Legend household nailed their costumes, with Teigen's mother, Pepper, dressing up as Addam's Grandmama. Teigen went as Morticia, Legend dressed as Gomez, their daughter, Luna (5), went as Wednesday, and Miles (3), was Pugsley.

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