Kangaroo On The Loose In Alabama Has Officials Worried

Grey Kangaroo, Macropus giganteus, Jumping, Murramarang National Park, New South Wales, Australia

Photo: Getty Images

Authorities in Alabama are working to capture a kangaroo on the loose in Tuscaloosa County.

Tuscaloosa County Sheriff's Office animal control deputies have launched a search alongside Bigham Farms and Exotics to locate a kangaroo that was spotted along Rose Boulevard on Tuesday (August 2), WVTM reports.

Bigham Farms specified that the kangaroo did not escape from its facility, rather from the Fayette County area in a post shared on its Facebook page.

"We have been asked for some assistance catching the Tuscaloosa kangaroo," the post stated. "It is very important not to approach him if you see him. Keep a distance so he does not take off. Last known sighting was suppose to be Rose Blvd."

Deputies are also warning resident not to approach the wild animal, rather call 911 or any other form of local law enforcement, if spotted.

"Do not try to approach it," said Deputy Martha Hocutt via Tuscaloosa News. "These are wild animals; these are not the cute little fuzzies. They can hurt you; kangaroos can hurt you.

"We don't know what food and water source he has had, so that can make him a little more dangerous."

The Tuscaloosa Sheriff's Office is also searching for the owner of the kangaroo in an effort to find out more information and successfully locate the marsupial.

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