North Carolina County With The Lowest Cost Of Living In The State

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Depending on where you live in North Carolina, some cities may be easier on your wallet than other areas of the state. Houses and restaurant dining in big cities like Raleigh or Charlotte may come with a higher price tag than more rural areas or even smaller cities.

Stacker compiled a list of the counties in North Carolina with the lowest cost of living, using data gathered by Niche for its 2022 rankings. According to the site:

"Nearly three-quarters of Americans surveyed by financial services provider Primerica at the end of 2022 said they are not able to save for their future due to rising costs. Home prices, rent, and food inflation as well as higher prices for gas in the last couple of years are making it so that each dollar earned has even less purchasing power than before."

So which North Carolina county has the lowest cost of living in the state?

Graham County

This western North Carolina county with a population around 8,000 received an A grade for cost of living and a B- for public school for an overall grade of C+.

Here are the Top 10 counties with the lowest cost of living in the state:

  1. Graham County
  2. Caswell County
  3. Duplin County
  4. Montgomery County
  5. Sampson County
  6. Robeson County
  7. Jones County
  8. McDowell County
  9. Rutherford County
  10. Bertie County

Check out the full report at Stacker to read up on the North Carolina counties with the lowest cost of living.

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