Shuttered Popular Home Goods Store Makes A Comeback Online

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Bed Bath & Beyond is back from the dead. After the home goods retailer filed for bankruptcy earlier in the year, came in and purchased the rights to the brand.

As the remaining retail stores close their doors, relaunched its app and rebranded its website as

"We've looked at Bed Bath and Beyond jealously for several years," Overstock CEO Jonathan Johnson said. "We really liked their name, and it was an iconic brand people loved."

To entice new customers, the company is offering a 25% coupon to those who download the new app and make purchases. 

In addition, loyalty members will have their membership transferred over to a new loyalty program and receive a 20% off coupon. While those who belonged to Bed Bath & Beyond's loyalty program will lose their reward points, Overstock said they will receive up to $50 in store credit.

While the company is ditching the iconic Bed Bath & Beyond 20% coupons, Johnson said that prices will be competitive with other retailers.

"We'll still be offering coupons even if they're not as large as the 20% coupon that people expected and frankly demanded from Bed Bath & Beyond," Johnson told CNN.

"I guess what I would say about the coupon is that if you like Bed Bath & Beyond coupons in the past, you will like new Bed Bath & Beyond mobile app we will be rolling out with launch in the U.S.," he added.

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