North Carolina Restaurant Serves The 'Best Chicken Sandwich' In The State

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If you're stuck deciding on what to eat, or if you want to find a meal that is sure to please, it's hard to beat a delicious chicken sandwich from any one of the incredible restaurants around North Carolina.

Using reviews, awards and accolades and first-hand experience, LoveFood compiled a list of the absolute best chicken sandwich found in every state, noting, "whether on a roll or in a sub, grilled or fried, hot or cold, a truly sensational chicken sandwich will always stand out from the crowd."

According to the list, the best chicken sandwich in all of North Carolina can be found at Rocky's Hot Chicken Shack, with the Rocky's Way Chicken Sandwich being named the best of the best. Clearly "Rocky's Way" is the right way with this simple but effective sammy as customers rave about this spicy take. Rocky's Hot Chicken Shack has locations in Asheville and Arden as well as one in Greenville, South Carolina.

Here's what the site had to say:

"Rocky's Hot Chicken Shack is all about Nashville-style hot chicken and Southern soul food. Using local ingredients and classic American recipes, the chicken in spiced with options ranging from mild honey to extra hot. Made with tenders, the top-rated Rocky's Way Chicken Sandwich is filled with cheese, lettuce, and mayo on toasted white bread. Customers say if you're craving a fried chicken sandwich, there's no better place than Rocky's."

Check out the full list at to see more of the tastiest chicken sandwiches around the country. You can also check out our previous coverage of the best chicken wings in the state.

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